All gems with some exceptions are minerals, So they are natural creation and are products Of inorganic products and plant products eg. Pearls, Ivory and Coral.

Horoscope has to be prepared as per Krishnamoorti method and accordingly finding out Auspicious and inauspicious planets,gems of good omen re to be taken possesion of or Put on.Such gems as per their capacity collected the rays scattered in the universe and mix them in the magnetic portion of the human body, in order to increase the possibilitie of ons fortune and prosperity.

Planet Gem Colour Mental Impact Physical Impact
sun ruby red Giving long life Royal avantage Preventing disease, Self strength Advantagines in case of Gout, Phlegm, Typhoid, Injuri.
Moon Pearl White, Pink, Faint Blue Mental peace stbility, lustre increase instrength and intelligence. Providing calcium Phlegan-disease Diseases of belly gains in
Mars Coral Red, Pink Eye-sight defficiency, EnthusiasonValour Blood diseaseWekness Heart troubleApepsy, Epilepsy, Aborton.
Mercury Emerald Green, Light Green, YellowishGreen . Rise in intellect More advantagious forstudent, RiseIn guessing power(logic) Pleen ,Piles, BileFever, Laough, Urine Trouble for these, Useful
Jupiter Topaz Yellow, Light blue colourless Happy & early marriage, Good character health, Deepdevotion Gaining Knowledge Bone trouble, Cough, JaundicePiles, Fatness, (Arbud).
Venus Diamond Colourless,TransparentGreen, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black. Prosperity, Love, Lustful, Increase in vigour/semen Heart disease important, Urinery affection jaudice, Physical support.
Saturn Neelam, Dark Blue Blue, Blackcolour, Less Qubergire Cragines, Hyteria, Success, Royalti. Tuberculosis heart disease, Leprosy, Asthma, Physical weakness, Useful for treatment.
Rahu Gomed Reddish Brown, Yellow Red orange Freedom from deeds of previous birth, Destruction of enemy Removal of mental confusion. Suffering of off springs/td> Mental confusion, Blood disease, Incurable, disease, snake bite.
Ketu Lahsuiya White Ash, Green yellow, Redish brown Mental disease, Recovery from, Incurable disease, Deep devotion yoga, Mokha etc. Asthma,Bronchitis,Allergy,Skindiseases, EyetroublesUseful in case of…..