K P Astro

Krishna Murti Method is a proposition mode. No realization of science can be there without proposition or theorem. Particular faiths or rules have been framed for particular problems in this mode. In the Krishna Murti method there is no weight age or important to the favor or damage of the planets, or their being friends or enemy. This proposition Is based on Swami (Lord) of Nakshatra, Upnakshatra, and Krishna Murti Procession (Ayanounsh). And it is proved to be correct when scientifically tested.

The peculiarity of the results of K.P. Method is that one can have a correct prediction Of the events in day to day life. As for example in case of load –shading, when can one Have electricity when will the honorable person attend the meeting, whether there are chances of getting a services or not, what about the settlement of marriage and so on and So forth.


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